About us

Our Origin Story

Look through any business directory year after year and you will find the names of businesses that went defunct, bankrupt, merged, or closed. In many cases their demise wasn’t necessarily their fault. Many of these business owners just didn’t know how to market their business, sell their products, structure their business, create an operations strategy, lead people, or manage their cash flow & cash position. For these reasons our founder, Jon Peyton, realized something needed to change.

To make matters worse when he asked business owners…

What happens to your business, to your employees, and to your customers when you’re ready to retire, become disabled, a partner dies, or you’re ready to move on to another passion project?

…many business owners struggled to answer the question. In fact, many simply shrugged their shoulders and said “I don’t know”.

This caused him to have an epiphany…

If half of all businesses are no longer operational by the end of their fifth year and only 20% of those that remain open eventually sell, there had to be a better way to help business owners scale efficiently while also offering a built-in exit strategy.

At Value Creation Consultancy™ we believe we solved this problem with the creation of our Value Creation Assessment™, Value Creation Consulting™, Value Creation Network™, and VCC Exit Planning™. Each service provides clients with a structured process designed to guide them through the growth stages of their business AND inevitable exit. Regardless of whether your exit is twelve month away or twelve years away, our team remains with you every step of the way

Who We Serve

On a pretty consistent basis our team is asked “When should a business focus on scaling, or exiting?” Unfortunately , there is no “one-size fits all” answer. In our experience, the answer is linked directly to whether the business owner is a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” or a “Value Creator™”.

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur is someone who built their business to a point where the business’s net profit is distributed every year to fund the owner’s lifestyle. They are not interested in building their business larger than it is today.

On the other hand, a Value Creator™ focuses on creating value within their company, amongst their employees and customers, and across their community. These business owners want to impact as many people as possible and are looking for the highest ROI on everything they do. Furthermore, a Value Creator™ looks to create leverage points within their business in order to generate leveraged returns in revenue, profits, people, and more.

In our experience we find we are a fit for Value Creators™, or Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who want to become Value Creators. Additionally, most Value Creators™ want to create a legacy – or at least have their business continue on well beyond their time with the company. We want to support the Value Creator’s goal of creating a sustainable business that will be around for many years after they exit.

If you are a Value Creator™ looking to build your business the right way, or have aspirations of selling your business, then our team at Value Creation Consultancy™ can help you!

why we serve

Most business owners are great at the thing that led them to create their company, but the thing that led them to create their company didn’t come with a manual. If it did the failure rate of entrepreneurship would be A LOT lower.

When our founder created the Value Creation Consultancy™ he did so with the goal of increasing the success rate of active businesses looking to exit by 1%. To put that into perspective, there are over 5 million active businesses in the United States every year. If half of those businesses eventually fail and 20% of those that remain sell then we want to guide at least 50,000 businesses through the scale to sale concept. If that seems like a lofty goal, it is… but we aim high in order to reach as many Value Creators™ as we can. Through podcasts, social channels, books, masterclasses, consulting engagements, and more we know we will touch tens of thousands of people.

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Continuous Learning

We pride ourselves on the idea that we never stop learning. To believe the knowledge we have today doesn’t require us to learn anymore is akin to saying “We have reached the pinnacle of knowledge and there is nothing more we can offer our clients”. For us, that is a death sentence.

Between years of experience, degrees and credentials our team consistently looks for opportunities to improve our thinking in order to bring our clients a higher level of value as they scale to sale.

Today our team, and our consultants, hold the following degrees and certifications:

  1. Bachelor Degrees
  2. Master Degrees
  3. Six Sigma, Lean, & Agile
  4. Certified Product Manager & Certified Product Marketing Manager
  6. Certified Exit Planning Advisor™
  7. Certified Value Growth Advisor™


Have you ever had someone tell you they can do something to only have them string you along and eventually let you down? That’s not us!

From the onset of the first meeting through the execution of an engagement, and beyond, our team is brutally transparent about the steps, work, and energy required to correctly scale a company. It does no one any good to mislead or sugar coat what lays ahead.

We promise to always be transparent about where you are in your journey, whether our team can help you on your journey, and whether your business is one that can eventually sell. It is our belief that through our transparency, or radical honesty, our clients will reach breakthrough moments faster.


Have you heard the adage “The best laid plans…”? If not, it’s a proverbial expression that is used to signify the futility of making detailed plans because the outcome of said plans is uncertain and is usually dependent on your ability to execute them. This is where our team steps in…

In order to measure the progress toward scaling a business a client has to execute the action steps laid out in the Assessment our team created. That said, we understand things come up and different projects move from the top to the bottom of the “To-Do List”. For this reason we use our structured process to help our clients manage the “ups and downs” of different projects. The process helps us keep the client, and our team, accountable to the desired outcome from one quarter to the next.


A textbook example of a company’s core values is “Integrity”. It may even be over used. However, at the Value Creation Consultancy™ this core value is the reason clients know they do not have to worry about being misled or promised things that are never delivered. Stated simply, if we cannot offer value or cannot help a client pursue their long term goals then we will be the first to raise our hand and suggest the end of an engagement. Our ability to provide high quality advice and maintain a strong reputation is more important than the money a client pays.

Integrity doesn’t end with our team. We extend this core value to every consultant in the Value Creation Network™. Between the due diligence we conduct on each consultant, and during each engagement they support, we continuously hold our team and every consultant to the highest level of integrity.