Value Creation Assessment™


The Differentiated Approach

Starting a business can be difficult. Scaling a business is difficult. To scale a business successfully EVERY business owner needs to master eight areas within their business. These eight areas include:

– Marketing

– Planning

– Finance

– Legal

– Leadership

– People

– Sales

– Operations

To help business owners assess their strengths and weaknesses within each area our team will work with you to complete a Value Creation Assessment™. This assessment will cover over 40 different categories within your business that affect your company’s enterprise value. The final result is a detailed 50+ page document that prioritizes the categories and highlights the areas with largest potential to create enterprise value within your business.


Step 1: Alignment Meeting

An introductory meeting is held between you and a Value Creation Network™ to evaluate your company’s situation. At the end of the meeting a Summary Email will be provided outlining how our team can support you. If there is a mutual agreement to move forward then you will progress to Step 2.


Step 2: Engagement

Our team will provide you with engagement documents that outline the scope of work to be provided and the next steps.


Step 3: Value Creation Assessment™

The Value Creation Advisor™ will walk you and your leadership team through a structured process that quantifies the strengths and weaknesses within your business today.


Step 4: Recommendations Meeting

The Value Creation Advisor™ will present you with their observations, recommendations, business valuation range, and deliver the 50+ page Value Creation Assessment™ document.


Step 5: Value Creation Consulting™

Once you have had time to review the assessment you will be presented with the option to implement the stated recommendations on your own, or engage our team in either a retainer or project based consulting engagement.

Ready For An Assessment?

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