Value Creation network™


The Team Behind The Team

Investing in any business requires skill, will, and time; but knowing where to invest one’s time and money, for the largest return in the shortest period of time, is difficult. Business owners who can master this struggle break through glass ceilings everyday.

As a way to help master the struggle successful business owners learn quickly what they are good at and what they should delegate to others. Unfortunately this requires investing in other people to do the work.

After investing well over a hundred thousand dollars into hiring consultants for their expert services our founder became frustrated with the results that were promised but never delivered on. This frustration led him to create a skilled network of consultants to help our clients, known as the Value Creation Network™.

Every consultant who has been invited to join the Value Creation Network™ underwent a rigorous due diligence process performed by our team. Our proprietary process assesses consultants in order to evaluate the health of the consultant’s business. Only those that meet our strict requirements are admitted to the Consultancy.


Consultant Interview

Our team invites a Consultant into a discussion to learn about this business. If there is a need for their services within the Consultancy our team invites the Consultant to begin the due diligence process.



Consultant Due Diligence

Every consultant who enters our due diligence process submits specific information related to their business. Our team then analyzes the information and rates the consultant. This analysis is completed annually to ensure all consultants adhere to our strict rating requirements.


Consultant Admittance

Once the analysis and rating are complete only those consultants who receive the highest ratings are admitted to the Consultancy. Those consultants who are admitted must maintain their rating. Should an admitted consultant fail to maintain their rating they are removed from the Consultancy and allowed to resubmit for admittance at a later date.


Consultant Proposal

During the course of a client engagement our team will identify projects to be completed. Should the project warrant support from our Value Creation Assessment™ our team will identify consultants to perform the work. Our team then sends the selected consultants an RFP. Finally, the selected consultants provide a response proposal based on the scope of work in the RFP.


Consultant Selection

After all proposals are received from selected consultants our team reviews the proposals with the client. The client selects the consultant they want to work with and the project engagement begins.

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