VCC Exit Planning™


The Beginning Of The End

Building and scaling a business is a feat. Reaching new milestones and heights is an exhilarating feeling, but exiting a business is rarified air. Being able to bring a business to a point where it can be sold is something few business owners achieve. To take a business from ideation, to creation, to scale, and finally to exit is a massive accomplishment AND something EVERY business owner should want to do.

Unfortunately, the exit planning process is shrouded in mystery, confusion, and a lot of emotions. From the valuation stage, to the internal system check, to the auction, and finally through the due diligence makes for a very time consuming and emotional process. This is when having a guide on your team can help prepare you for what’s to come, how to set proper expectations, the negotiation process, and more.

At Value Creation Consultancy™ our team works with you to navigate the road ahead. In the VCC Exit Planning™ process we act as the hub to the many spokes you will interact with during this final journey.

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Step 1: Value Creation Assessment™

The first step in our process is to do a systems check. We need to know where you are and calculate a range in value your business could bring at market before we begin the search for a buyer.


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Step 2: Internal Due Diligence

After the assessment is complete our team will help you prioritize the top areas you need to work on before the auction. To pursue the top end of the valuation range the internal due diligence can take three to six months to complete.


Step 3: Auction / Search

Now the “fun” begins. To find the right buyer our team will help you understand if a strategic buyer or a financial buyer is the best fit. Then our team will work with our network of investment bankers, private equity, and venture capital investors to source potential buyers through a special invitation, or auction, process.

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Step 4: External Due Diligence

As buyers are sourced they will want to complete their own due diligence on your business. Our team, and network, will guide you through the bid, LOI, due diligence, and more.

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